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What is oilte?

oilte was designed and built with a mission to showcase world-class creators of custom and handmade sports goods.

Our goal is to bring the message of your craft, skills and specialist offerings to an audience that appreciates quality built equipment that enables them to achieve their sporting goals.

We are pre-launch for rod builders and working closely with our partners to provide a service that creates more awareness and customers for our members.

Featured rod builders

Chris Clemes Fly Rods

London, England.

Chris Clemes Fly Rod and Reel Makers was formed 15 years ago by Chris Clemes. Chris realised that fine craftsmanship is a dying out in England with very few young craftsmen nowadays willing to preserve the skills which made English made products so famous.

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Fishfinder Rodworks

Sydney, Australia.

Tony Davis has been building custom fishing rods in Sydney, Australia for the past 20 years. He take immense pride and passion in his work to deliver truely unique rods, delivering experiences like no other for those fortunate enough to hold a Fishfinder rod.

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Mike's Custom Rods

Tramore, Ireland.

Mike Roche is a rod builder based in Tramore, Co. Waterford, Ireland. As a keen fisherman, I understand the needs of my fellow angler. I build to the highest specification to provide you with a professional, bespoke service to meet your requirements.

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Barick Custom Rods

Sydney, Australia.

With more than a decade worth of experience building custom fishing rods, more than double that in the fishing industry, one the foremost experts in Guide Train Designs, Barick can build you exactly what you want.

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Why join oilte?

Managing an online store, ensuring security, compliance and meeting customer experience expectations is a full-time job. oilte enables creators to concentrate on their passion and craft.

your history, passion, uniqueness & offerings. 
recognition and revenue. 

orders, payments and fulfilment.
on what you love; creating & building 

Our promise to creators

We work closely with each creator to ensure their profiles reflect their craft and uniqueness. Success for our creators can mean very different things. We are always here to support your goals whether that means improving awareness, growing your business or maintaining by finding the right customers.

We can't recreate the feeling of visiting your workshop but we're dedicated to providing the next best experience.
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