How oilte works

oilte enables creators to concentrate on what they love; creating and building! We can't recreate the feeling of visiting your workshop but we're dedicated to providing the next best experience. Before our launch joining oilte is free; below we outline how it works.



After registration, we dedicate time to understand each creator to present their work and superior products to consumers, including:

  • history       
  • uniqueness
  • methods
  • materials 
  • offerings


Orders, Fulfilment & Payment

We understand the lead times involved in creating custom and handmade products. We set consumers expectations and automatically organise courier services for the finished product that:

  • collects orders from the creator's place of work
  • delivers to the customer's doorstep
  • payments are lodged to creators automatically 


Customer Experience

We provide a world-class online buying experience to grow our creators revenue and recognition by:

  • educating consumers on creators
  • converting users into customers 
  • creating appreciators and advocates for handmade fine quality products



For each sale on the marketplace, oilte receives a referral fee. Onboarding and Platform fees may apply.



We follow the pledge 1% model where we pledge 1% of our profits to give an experience to youths that otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity. Every order on oilte contributes to the development of your sport. Each creator can nominate a youth programme and lesson providers to give back. The goal is to give the experience of the sport you love. For example, fund an experience of a fishing trip, surf lessons or cricket summer camp.


Getting Started

Register here to get started or if you have more questions let us know below: