Common Questions

What inspired oilte?

We were lucky enough to come from backgrounds that exposed us the crafts of builders of cricket bats, surfboards, fishing rods and hurleys. We can’t recreate the experience of visiting your workshop but our goal is to provide the next best thing.


What has been the journey so far?

We’ve worked closely local creators in Australia and Europe for the last year to understand how a marketplace could be work for them and folks like yourself. This includes listing offerings, payments and fulfilment.  


Will you visit my workshop?

We aim is to visit every creator that is showcased on oilte. We can’t wait to hit the road again and spend time with people who share own passion for high performance, handmade and custom sports equipment. The best part of building oilte has been spending time with creators, understanding their work and seeing their work in person. 


I have a website, how will oilte work for me?

Most of our creators have an online presence and will continue to use their own site to reach customers. oilte is a separate channel that will bring new audiences attention to your work. We are experts in helping your message reach your target audience.  


Can I use oilte as my online presence?

Yes, our mission is to showcase your craft, educate buyers and provide them with a world-class buying experience. We understand that building, running and maintaining a website is tedious; staying ahead of technology curves and buyer expectations are difficult even without trying to run a workshop.


I’m happy to maintain or slightly grow my business, how will oilte work for me?

We work with folks who are at many different stages of their business. We’ll help you maximise the platform for your needs. We aim to bring ideal customers to you and allow them to benefit from your craft; this can be ten or one hundred additional customers per year.


My products are completely custom, how will oilte work for me?

We can work on capturing the initial requirements of interested consumers so you can fully understand their requirements and guide them on their custom journey. This is the first step in digitalising some of the process.


What are the costs involved?

For creators that sign up before to our launch, we are waiving onboarding fees, platform fees and listing costs. We simply make a referral for each sale on the site. 


When is oilte launching?

We were ready to launch in March but unfortunately we had to delay due to COVID-19. We have some creators who are in urgent need of the platform for business continuity and the need to bring their client relationships online; we will prioritise the launch for those creators.


Getting Started

Register here to get started or if you have more questions let us know below: